Emily is the #1 most important factor in my ability to scale my coaching practice and have multiple clients and groups running simultaneously. She is an everyday innovator to help me figure out how to create online systems using the Google suite (google groups, google sites, google drive, google calendar), automate using Zapier and Active Campaign, and manage huge rushes of online booking and client communication.  She expertly manages multiple (and I mean multiple) shared calendars with hundreds of clients and collaborators. Emily has an extremely high level of integrity and honesty which is critical to working remotely, and for the past two years she’s become an important support and cheerleader for my business’ success. She’s great with my clients, especially in politely nudging them to hand in their coaching homework and supporting them as they adapt to the technology we use for virtual coaching programs. If she doesn’t know how to do something, she’ll figure it out, and even when I am stressed, she never loses her cool. Emily is steady, consistent and I’ve consistently exhaled in relief that I could delegate the tasks (the ones I don’t like!) to her. Book her now, because I’m certain she won’t have availability for long!

jen circle
-Jen Walper Roberts
CEO & Lead Coach, Conspire Coaching, LLC

Emily is a lifesaver.  I wouldn’t have been able to balance keeping up with the growth of our company and planning my wedding without her help.  She’s helped me find vendors and quotes for packaging, created urgently needed shipping labels for a product launch, booked vendor visit, scheduled doctor appointments overnight that I put off for months and helped plan my honeymoon and helped surprise my husband with his wedding present.  I’m glad to have worked with her — she is AWESOME!

Director of Operations, Soma

Emily is a joy to work with. She is efficient, organized, thoughtful, and goes above and beyond to make your life better.
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-Justin Johnson
VP, Developer Advocacy,

Emily is FANTASTIC to work with. She is extremely efficient with her time, detail oriented, and is on top of scheduling and workflow. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance in their day to day work. The best part about working with Emily is that I never have to worry about her getting things done.


-David Sherry
Founder, Death To The Stock Photo

Emily and I co-produced an art installation for a major event last year. Without Emily’s exemplary organizational skills, the project would not have flown at all. Emily has lightning fast research skills and a natural gift for organization but most impressively to me was her unique ability to really understand the project from an aerial view; unlike many deft jugglers of the minute details that make a project run smoothly, Emily does not loose the forest for the trees. This skill to zoom in while keeping the big picture in mind allows her to serve not just as an assistant but as a supportive advisor. Emily is able to pivot and change directions stealthily when needed. Ever adaptive, she navigates challenges like a ballet dancer and solves problems with a blindingly quick creative intelligence.
-Brendan Lewis
 I finally found someone who has my back all the time. Emily is smart, creative, efficient and really ‘gets it.’  I actually look forward to her emails because each one always contains a problem solved. She’s the best.

I’ve had Emily as a partner for almost two years and can’t imagine business without her.

-Andrew Hyde

Emily is phenomenal to work with. Communicative, efficient. She is an effective problem solver and consistently delivers top notch administrative support. She became an incredibly important part of the team.

-Sherry Walling
Founder, Zen Founder